Rosecountry's Smooth Fox Terriers

Rosecountry's Smooth Fox Terriers

Rosecountry's smooth fox terriers make the ideal family dog.  As part of the family you will find them to be devoted, affectionate and lovable, becoming very attached to you and yours.   They make excellent house dogs. They are small to medium sized and have a bark as big are their hearts.  

The Smooth Fox Terrier must have regular exercise to keep fit both mentally and physically.  These dogs love to go for long walks and would also make excellent jogging partners.  They will also be just as happy to play fetch in your back yard.  Fox Terriers also excel at obedience, agility and various other dog sports.

This is an easy to care for breed with a white coat and black or tan markings.  Regular brushing and the occasional bath is all that is needed to keep him looking good and reduce shedding.

"A Fox Terrier Will out-rat a cat, out-guard a Doberman and out play a two-year old child.  A good burglar alarm system would cost 10 times more.  A Fox Terrier will work during a power failure.  Nothing escapes them, from a mouse to a moonbeam or smoke in the home.  The Fox Terrier is alert, merry, teachable, keen, intelligent, self confident, sympathetic, intuitive, and happy."

Harold Nedell "The New Fox Terriers"